WAM or Workforce Assignment & Mobility solutions has become our signature support to our many customers, helping optimise mobile workforces efficiencies with online scheduling and telematics.

This results in smoother man-management and a more fulfilled as well as efficient workforce. Encompassing job planning, scheduling and monitoring systems with a mobile job handling application. WAM is particularly suited for:

  • Essential infrastructure Maintenance Services
  • Emergency Service Responses
  • Regulatory Enforcement
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)
WAM offers you a complete package of mobility solutions for the back-end operations of your mobile workforce. Web-based job planning, GPS/GIS resource planning and monitoring systems support your control operations while your field workers are equipped with ruggedized hand-held units with job-handling applications that facilitate on-site reporting. Our built-in optimisation and routing tools help to automatically plan and schedule workforce jobs and routes.

The integrated solutions in WAM package vastly improves coordination, information and communication. The results are better teamwork, employee confidence and productivity.

V3nitys solutions are force multipliers to the company. Used in tandem with V3nitys Fleet Management System, you have an array of resource optimisation and scheduling tools for your logistics and vehicles to stretch the productivity envelope even further. Optimising people and assets on the move – automatically and in real-time.

That's the WAM advantage. Make it yours.


  • Job assignment monitoring
  • Job and Personnel status monitoring
  • On-time appointment alerts
  • Job Routes and Details monitoring
  • Re-assignment of Jobs
  • Web-based solutions with backend data interface, e.g. SAP, ERP, etc.
  • Auto and manual computer-assisted Planning
  • Modular system components adaptable to User’s operational requirements:
    • Optimisation engine
    • Route-planning engine
    • Online messaging
    • Historical job search
    • Online reports
    • Add-on navigable map on mobile devices
    • Graphical milestone monitoring charts
    • Comprehensive reports for resource management
    • Scalable to interface with GPS-based vehicle monitoring and mobile proof of cargo delivery for end-to-end cargo visibility

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