WAM or Workforce Assignment & Mobility solutions has become our signature support to our many customers, helping optimise mobile workforces efficiencies with online scheduling and telematics.

This results in smoother man-management and a more fulfilled as well as efficient workforce. Encompassing job planning, scheduling and monitoring systems with a mobile job handling application. WAM is particularly suited for:

  • Essential infrastructure Maintenance Services
  • Emergency Service Responses
  • Regulatory Enforcement
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)
WAM offers you a complete package of mobility solutions for the back-end operations of your mobile workforce. Web-based job planning, GPS/GIS resource planning and monitoring systems support your control operations while your field workers are equipped with ruggedized hand-held units with job-handling applications that facilitate on-site reporting. Our built-in optimisation and routing tools help to automatically plan and schedule workforce jobs and routes.

The integrated solutions in WAM package vastly improves coordination, information and communication. The results are better teamwork, employee confidence and productivity.

V3nitys solutions are force multipliers to the company. Used in tandem with V3nitys Fleet Management System, you have an array of resource optimisation and scheduling tools for your logistics and vehicles to stretch the productivity envelope even further. Optimising people and assets on the move – automatically and in real-time.

That's the WAM advantage. Make it yours.


  • Job assignment monitoring
  • Job and Personnel status monitoring
  • On-time appointment alerts
  • Job Routes and Details monitoring
  • Re-assignment of Jobs
  • Web-based solutions with backend data interface, e.g. SAP, ERP, etc.
  • Auto and manual computer-assisted Planning
  • Modular system components adaptable to User’s operational requirements:
    • Optimisation engine
    • Route-planning engine
    • Online messaging
    • Historical job search
    • Online reports
    • Add-on navigable map on mobile devices
    • Graphical milestone monitoring charts
    • Comprehensive reports for resource management
    • Scalable to interface with GPS-based vehicle monitoring and mobile proof of cargo delivery for end-to-end cargo visibility

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The preferred solutions partner for public services.

Singapore is renowned for being one of the cleanest and most pleasant places to stay in the world and V3nitys WUM has a part to play in that reputation. WUM solutions are used by all the private contractors for Singapore refuse collection services, including the global group Veolia. Together with 800 SUPER, CHYE THAIM MAINTENANCE, RAMKY and NEA, WUM provides them with waste management solutions complete with real-time job assignments and scheduling of ad-hoc jobs too. WUM is widely used by companies offering street-cleaning and by government agencies that provide other public utilities.

V3nity's WUM offers an integrated solution to weave field workers, vehicles and schedules into a tightly-functioning and optimised taskforce for essential public services. WUM is a quality management tool for the assignment of daily work routines of refuse collection and street-cleaning services. It automates the daily operational tasks of field workers, monitoring of job status, records and reports on work done within the space of government regulations and compliances imposed.


  • Jobs and routes planning.
  • GPS vehicle monitoring for utilities service management, regulatory compliance and enforcement.
  • Jobs can be remotely monitored via basic GPS Vehicle Command Unit (VCU) with add-on RFID reading capabilities.
  • Job scheduling and dispatching application with mobile field personnel job handling application.
  • Provides a key policing function to enforce adherence to pre-planned assigned work routes by refuse collection and mechanical sweeper trucks to ensure cost-optimised deployment.
  • With WUM's Transport Optimization, Planning & Scheduling system enabled, it resolves the complexity and dynamism of load optimization of any logistics and time.

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“SiTF Awards 2013 (Infocomm Productivity Category) Winning Solution”

An application derived from V3Nity-WAM (Workforce Assignment & Mobility) System, aims to provide enforcement agency personnel with near real-time information that will facilitate informed decision-making and coordination of command & control personnel with the field patrolling enforcement officers.


  • Web based C2 Monitoring & response to field cases
  • Real time jobs status updates, visibility and accountability
  • Capturing of geo-tagged photos of offences
  • Location authentication of enforcement clusters
  • Rugged & ready for all-day, everyday use in the field Touch computer
  • Supported by ZW Series mobile printer for NOPO issuing
  • Robust administration utilities with ease of application development & manager
WAM's users include government agency bodies and companies that have large, mobile workforces who often also integrate vehicle-tracking and optimisation into their overall V3Nity™ mobility solutions package.

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An application derived from V3Nity-WAM (Workforce Assignment & Mobility) System, aims to provide service providers in the field of emergency response and street assistance (which includes, Fleet Insurance Company, Emergency & Essential Services eg. Private Ambulances, Vehicle Recovery Service Company and etc.) with real-time information that will facilitate informed decision-making and coordination of command and control personnel with the field service personnel.


  • Open mobile operating platform
  • Location Identification capability
  • Command & Control Web based monitoring and management of cases reported from the field.
  • Real time jobs status updates, visibility and accountability
  • Capturing of photos with geo-tagged real-time position
  • GPS or LBS based for location authentication, personnel or vehicle assignment, case identification
  • Optional navigation program for quick access to accident site
  1. The Web based Command & Control Application shall come complete with all the required functionalities and graphical user interfaces (GUI), in which it shall allow command and control personnel to assign cases to field personnel or vehicle, coordinate with field teams for better assessment, and enabling informed decision making.

  2. User shall be able via a resources tracking monitoring graphical user interface to track all its personnel or vehicles on a digital map. The status and pictorial updates shall be captured and transmitted back to the proposed system database for analysis purposes. These data shall be converted to meaningful information illustrated through a graphical digital map display from the computer screen.

  3. The Jobs Reports Management Module shall provide the Command and Control personnel a platform to generate case status reports via the Web based Command and Control Application GUI. The module also allows user to export the data from the reports to other third party software eg. Excel spreadsheet or reporting tools in flat files or ASCII format or back to existing backend system for analysis, activate insurance claims, activate legal or other procedures.

  4. The Mobile Enforcement Command application which will be resided within the PDA or Smart Device provides with all the required functionalities and mobile graphical user interfaces (GUI) to enable field response personnel to carry out task status updating for the assigned jobs which includes Report Attendance, Capturing Accident or Case Details (Types of accidents, geo-tagged photos of evidences and etc.), Displaying Alert/Broadcast Messages, routes navigation application and etc.

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V3Nity-WAM for ePOD keeps you on tracks with your customers by combining the delivery of end-to-end visibilities and efficiency across the entire supply chain for enhanced productivity.

Featuring a job's planning, scheduling and monitoring system plus mobile job handling application, V3Nity-WAM delivers real-time status and end-to-end cargo plus drivers' visibility. This job scheduling platform can integrate data seamlessly with the existing backend system to optimum utilization of resources for the efficient management of day-to-day logistics and transportation operations.


  • Web-based distribution jobs scheduling and monitoring
  • Mobility with high accountability and connectivity with Push-To-Talk application (handset dependent)
  • Real-time milestones update and end-to-end cargo visibility
  • Range of reports for delivery status includes digital cargo information via barcodes or NFC tags, eSignatory and even job schedule deviation

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