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Singapore is renowned for being one of the cleanest and most pleasant places to stay in the world and V3nitys WUM has a part to play in that reputation. WUM solutions are used by all the private contractors for Singapore refuse collection services, including the global group Veolia. Together with 800 SUPER, CHYE THAIM MAINTENANCE, RAMKY and NEA, WUM provides them with waste management solutions complete with real-time job assignments and scheduling of ad-hoc jobs too. WUM is widely used by companies offering street-cleaning and by government agencies that provide other public utilities.

V3nity's WUM offers an integrated solution to weave field workers, vehicles and schedules into a tightly-functioning and optimised taskforce for essential public services. WUM is a quality management tool for the assignment of daily work routines of refuse collection and street-cleaning services. It automates the daily operational tasks of field workers, monitoring of job status, records and reports on work done within the space of government regulations and compliances imposed.


  • Jobs and routes planning.
  • GPS vehicle monitoring for utilities service management, regulatory compliance and enforcement.
  • Jobs can be remotely monitored via basic GPS Vehicle Command Unit (VCU) with add-on RFID reading capabilities.
  • Job scheduling and dispatching application with mobile field personnel job handling application.
  • Provides a key policing function to enforce adherence to pre-planned assigned work routes by refuse collection and mechanical sweeper trucks to ensure cost-optimised deployment.
  • With WUM's Transport Optimization, Planning & Scheduling system enabled, it resolves the complexity and dynamism of load optimization of any logistics and time.

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