About Us

Projasa Innovative Sdn Bhd is appointed authorised distributor for V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd as V3 SMARTTECH Solution Provider for Malaysia Region. Having Vision and Mission to provide innovative solution and professional service to assist our client in various industries to innovate their structure and grow their business. We provide mature solution and technology to our client. We concentrate on after sales service to ensure our client can run their business operation smoothly using our solution without any disruption.

How can our solution technology benefit to your business?
  • Improve field staff working and driver behaviour and productivity!
  • Improve your business productivity and increase cost effectiveness!
  • Reduce usage of paper in your business!
  • Bring your business to industry 4.0 in Malaysia.

Why do you need our solution for your business?

To ride with the wave of Industry 4.0, company need to adapt the new approach of combining traditional manufacturing operation with technology or system such as "Internet of things"(IOT) to improve automation, communication with use of real-time data. Malaysia are now slowly moving past the third industrial revolution and advancing into Industry 4.0.

Who will benefit from our solution?
  • Logistic and Warehousing Industry
  • Delivery and Transportation Industry
  • Regulatory Enforcement
  • Hotel Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • And more….

Where should a business implement our solution?
  • Offsite Operation
  • To monitor and manage driver quality
  • Job scheduling and Task management

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